The man in black has come forward, and turns out he is just a regular Joe.

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 three thieves were arrested in an ongoing Home Depot robbery investigation. You can read about it by clicking here. What we found most interesting is that during the police chase, a random civilian near Pie 5 commanded one of the thieves to get down, and due to his attire and commanding presence, the thief thought the man shouting at him was a police officer and thought he was cornered. You can see the police footage below.

Well due to our super sleuthing abilities, we've uncovered that the good citizen that successfully intimidated the thief into self submission is none other than ...

Wait for it ...

Boom! The talented singer, Joe Cuellar is moonlighting as the vigilante Batman.

I was the citizen in black that caught one of the suspects in the Home Depot Heist. I ran from the parking lot by Sake Cafe, across Tulane and to the side of Pie Five Pizza to catch the guy after I saw him run back across the Tulane overpass. I had a feeling he would go that direction so I ran to cut him off.


There was also a citizen who opened their truck door to slow the suspect down as he tried to run between two vehicles that were parked. The suspect was hit by the door but not hard from what I remember. I was prepared to tackle him but as soon as I yelled at him to get on the ground, he complied."


~ Joe Cuellar

You can check Joe out at Fredonia Brewery tomorrow night, and buy him a drink to say thanks!

Joe Cuellar Via Facebook

From looking at the video on the bodycam I could plainly tell it was him, that is after he told me. To make things even more clear, this is what he was wearing at the time.

Joe Cuellar via facebook

I thought I was the Lufkin Batman. See below;

Whatever! He can have the title and the responsibility of being the Lufkin Batman I suppose.