The Lufkin Paranormal Investigators are looking for a new team member. This is a part-time, non-paid, volunteer position.

The last time we did a story about them needing a new team member they actually filled that spot. In December of 2021, they were looking for a paranormal investigator.

They filled that opening and I would like to think we helped find that person they were looking for. This time they are looking for more specialized help.

Now Accepting Applications For Demonologists In Lufkin, Texas 

You wouldn't think that there were people out there that specialize in demonology, but a quick search on LinkeIn led me to many different people. Now the Lufkin Paranormal Investigators just need to find one near our area to offer their expertise.

Demonology is the study of demons or beliefs about demons. This can be a religious or non-religious individual that is an expert in demons and their grading.

Not all paranormal investigations deal with ghosts. Sometimes these hauntings are caused by demons and the Lufkin Paranormal Investigators want to help the people that reach out to them by providing this service.

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You Can Follow Lufkin Paranormal Investigators On Tik Tok

Though the Lufkin Paranormal Investigators have been around since 2008 they still keep up with the times. They are looking to gain even more followers on Tik Tok.

@lufkinparanormalteam even TikTok pick up a few words for this app #necrophonic #ghosthunting #paranormaltiktok ♬ original sound - LpI

@lufkinparanormalteam Classic signs that your house is haunted. #lufkinparanormalinvestigators #fyp ♬ original sound - LpI

@lufkinparanormalteam Do you hear the pissed off spirtit or a possible demon on audio. You be the judge and jury #fyp #lufkinparanormalinvestigators ♬ original sound - LpI
@lufkinparanormalteam had more I could of put in but not enough time #paranormal #evidence #paranormaltiktok #ghosthunting ♬ original sound - LpI

@lufkinparanormalteam had more I could of put in but not enough time #paranormal #evidence #paranormaltiktok #ghosthunting ♬ original sound - LpI

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team or just following them on other types of social media, take a look at our previous story about the group.

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