Walking around downtown Lufkin at night is such a magical endeavor. When the weather is cooler in East Texas it's even better.

Imagine being bundled up walking the sidewalks and looking in all the shops. Looking at the lights that are strung over the streets dancing to music piped in from speakers on the light poles above just inspires you to shop.

Now imagine those shops are actually open, Instead of closing at 5 pm like they do every day of the week. It's the perfect setting for some downtown shopping.

First Thursday Late Night Shopping In Downtown Lufkin, Texas 

It's almost March so that means another first Thursday of late-night shopping in downtown Lufkin. Shops downtown will be open until 7 pm.

The first Thursday in February turned out to be too cold for shopping. The first Thursday of March looks much better for enjoying the extra hours.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 get to downtown Lufkin and see everything they have to offer. It should be around 70-68 degrees that day, which is perfect weather for a stroll downtown to pop into the shops.

More Interesting Events In Downtown Lufkin Coming In March

There is a cookie crawl on March 12th, 2022 in downtown Lufkin. Visit the downtown merchants that Saturday, and get a tasty cookie while you shop.

On Thursday, March 17th through Saturday the 19th the downtown shops will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Any green items you purchase will be 17% off since St. Patrick's Day is always on the 17th of March.

Springfest is also on the calendar for April 23rd and will be back downtown this Spring. For more details see the story on our app. Click HERE

The Most Charming Historic Home In Lufkin On Airbnb

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Downtown Lufkin Storm Damage

An unconfirmed tornado briefly ran though downtown Lufkin on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021. It knocked out power to Lufkin City Hall and many businesses in the area were affected.

Real Time Breads Brings Sourdough To Downtown Lufkin

Customers can't stop talking about their cinnamon rolls, blueberry scones, and croissants. 


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