As of today the closest place to enjoy curbside pickup at an HEB store is in Livingston. I am not looking to drive 50 miles just to not have to get out of my car.

During the pandemic, many of us relied on grocery delivery or curbside pickup from local grocery stores. It was a bit of a hassle to order if you just needed a few things, but if you were going shopping for an entire week, it just made sense.

The one store that was left out of the mix was H-E-B in Lufkin, and they have some items that you just can't get anywhere else. Now that might be about to change.

What Are These Signs With Plastic Bags Covering Them At H-E-B In Lufkin?

I recently saw this picture of these signs at our Lufkin H-E-B with black, plastic, trash bags covering them. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that they were remarkably similar in size and shape to the H-E-B curbside signs at other locations.

Lori McConnell Fleming via Facebook
Lori McConnell Fleming via Facebook

These are for sure signs of things to come. Get ready in advance by downloading the My H-E-B app. With the addition of curbside, they might also be about to start home delivery in our area as well.

If you have never ordered curbside before it can be a little daunting. Here is an instructional video H-E-B put together right when Covid-19 was gripping the nation.

Now that the signs are up, we can't be that far away from enjoying the same curbside services that they offer in other cities. This also might help cut down the time it takes to shop at H-E-B considering shoppers come to the Lufkin store from all over the Deep East Texas area.

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