This is another case that I have to remind myself that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. As Fox 7 out of Austin, Texas is reporting that a 26-year-old man was arrested after walking into a South Austin 7-11 convenient store (601 W Ben White Blvd) asking for $20 in gas. The clerk asked if he wanted to pay with cash or card and the man replied “no, for free”. The clerk said they cannot give free gas and that is when Emilio Serrano went to his vehicle and retrieved his AR-15. 

After seeing Serrano pulling out an AR-15 from the driver’s side seat of his Gold Chevrolet Impala, the employees in the 7-11 quickly locked the door to the store and hid in a back office and inside a freezer. While hiding employees could hear the suspect kicking the door but he was not able to gain access to the store due to the lock.  

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Emilio Serrano Was Threatening 7-11 Employees 

A witness reported to police that Serrano was yelling outside of the store “I’m going to shoot everyone in there”. So, that employee locking the door to the store very likely saved lives. After a few tense minutes the suspect got in his vehicle and drove away, seconds later police were called and began looking for the suspect and suspect vehicle in the surrounding area. 

Serrano Was Located and Arrested Quickly 

It didn’t take officers long to find the suspect at another gas station nearby and they conducted a felony car stop. During the arrest Serrano was telling police, “I didn’t do s***, I was just trying to get some gas.” Officers then found an AR-15 in the back seat of the suspect's vehicle. Serrano was arrested for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. 

We are glad to report that no one was injured throughout any of these dangerous situations.  

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