We received some exciting news from our friends at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler as they are preparing to add some cool new exhibits and improvements to the Zoo in the near future!

Get Ready To See Major Improvements To Certain Areas Of The Zoo.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

According to press release we received The Caldwell Zoo announced the exciting news regarding major improvements, a complete remodel of the South American section of the zoo has been unanimously approved by the board of trustees. The plans will add a vast array of alluring animals and beautiful birds to a major part of the zoo.

The New Amazon River's Edge Exhibit

Caldwell Zoo
Caldwell Zoo

The Amazon River’s Edge will highlight animals from South America in beautiful and expansive habitats. Along with the addition of dynamic animals, new guest experiences will be a part of the remodel. Features of The Amazon River's Edge exhibit will include:

  • Jaguar, third largest feline on the planet
  • A flowing river water feature with giant river otters
  • Quiet arboreal habitat for the sloth
  • Walk-through aviary featuring a dazzling array of birds
  • Giant anteater
  • Capybara
  • New event space and meeting areas

Take A Look At The New Education & Events Center That Will Be Added.

Caldwell Zoo
Caldwell Zoo

Amazon River’s Edge will feature many species that are threatened or endangered in the wild. Selected exhibits will be linked to future Caldwell Zoo supported conservation projects in wildlife “hot spots” and communities in the Amazon region. Guests will get to experience the animals in meticulously designed habitats that closely resemble native environments. The plans by BKP Architects have been carefully developed over many months and construction will begin shortly with an estimated completion expected between 14-18 months.

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