Let's face it - flying can sometimes be an absolute hassle. From packing, to planning out the flights, to simply boarding, it can feel like total chaos. Why do I know this so well?

Well, I'm the son of a Delta pilot, so I've been in an airport or two. And missed a flight or two. Also lost a bag at one point.

Point being, I still love air travel. But yes, things get out of hand quickly due to various circumstances. Even worse when your flight gets delayed.

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Now, imagine your family's plane has just landed. You're almost home free! You just have to get your bag!

Well there's just one thing...the baggage claim isn't working. It's broken and the bags aren't coming down the chute. Now what?

Well, in Austin, Texas this situation happened, possibly minus all the airport silliness that goes on. With the claim not working, one brave human decided to take matters into his own hands:

Ok so first off, I admire this hero for just outright ignoring the sign that says "do not climb." I've always wanted to just climb up on top of the claim and grab my bag and leave. Who doesn't want to do that by the way?

Second, he went all out didn't he? Heck, he climbed up the ramp to get other bags with no regard for his own safety. That thing could've restarted at any time!

I think the funniest part of this entire situation is the employees in the background of the video. They look so confused as to what to do. They're probably thinking, "Should we stop him or let him keep going? He's making us look bad."

Regardless, props to this hero for saving the day. Hopefully everyone got their bag and got home safe and sound.

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