I have several 'side jobs' in East Texas besides my primary radio duties at KICKS 105.  For about the past 30 years I've done the public address announcing for SFA football and basketball, and over the past few years, I've done the same for a number of the Hudson High School basketball games.

At those high school games, I've watched the development of Kanaan Holder.  The Hudson senior led the team this past year in points, rebounds and assists.  He can score from anywhere on the court, he can create and he also had one of the most impressive dunks I've ever seen in high school basketball.  So, it comes as no surprise that he will be taking his talents to the next level, and thankfully, that will be close to home.

Holder signed his letter of intent (LOI) to join the Angelina College basketball program coming up in the fall of 2022. The Hudson Hornet standout attended several AC games over the past year and liked their style of offense.

“I like the way (AC) uses multiple guards on the floor,” Holder said. “They can handle the ball and stretch the court out to create shooting opportunities. I really like that style of play.

“I also really like (J.J. Montgomery’s) work ethic. I think he’s going to relay that to me, just go at it all day, every day. Just put me to work.”

“I think the higher level of competition is going to open things up a little for me a little more,” Holder said. “I got double-teamed a lot in high school, and they can’t really do that in college just because there’s so much talent on the floor in every game.”

Holder closed out his senior season at Hudson as just one of two seniors on the team; nevertheless, the Hornets made the post-season despite a relatively inexperienced lineup. Holder led the team in scoring at a 21.1 points per game clip. He was also tops in rebounding (7.1 rebounds per game) and assists (2.7 assists per game).

From his high school coach, Cannon Earp, Holder said he learned what he’d need to continue playing basketball at the next level.

“Coach Earp played college basketball, and he really taught me how to just take it all, knowing how to work and what it’s going to take to get to play after high school,” Holder said.

Montgomery noted that Earp’s system at Hudson is similar to the system Montgomery employs with his Roadrunners – specifically, “a lot of flex, a lot of motion,” so he feels Holder will fit in immediately.

When asked about Holder’s overall abilities, Montgomery cited several times he witnessed Holder’s court-reading abilities and overall court presence.

“In one game, I saw him bring the ball up the floor several times, and he immediately read what the defense was doing and made the right plays to get his team a score,” Montgomery said. “What I like about Kanaan is he’s so poised. He’s never rushed or out of control. He can shoot the ball very well, and he’s got great ball-handling skills. But what I like most about him is his basketball IQ. He’s such a smart player, and he reads the court so well.

“That’s not something anyone can teach. Either you have it or you don’t, and he’s one of those guys who definitely has it.”

Holder said he plans to major in Business in college. He is the son of Tammy and Tony Holder of Hudson.

Contributed Photo/Gary Stallard with Angelina College Sports Dept
Contributed Photo/Gary Stallard with Angelina College Sports Dept

Hudson’s Kanaan Holder (center) on Wednesday signed his letter of intent to join the Angelina College men’s basketball program beginning in the fall of 2022. Pictured with Holder are (left) Hudson head coach Cannon Earp and AC head coach J.J. Montgomery.

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