Hudson ISD has made the decision to join several other East Texas school districts and suspend the option of remote instruction. In an e-mail sent to parents of Hudson ISD students, Superintendent Donny Webb cited the fact that only around half of the students who have opted for remote learning are being successful.  Webb goes on to state that if the situation is left unaltered, over 100 students are likely to be retained for the school year or lose essential credits for graduation.

Towards the end of the first nine-week period, parents of remote-learning students were encouraged to consider on-campus learning.  Many students did return for face-to-face learning, however, 11% of Hudson ISD students remained in the remote system.  As of October 30, 2020, this will no longer be an option.

Several other school districts have been forced to come to the same conclusion.  At the beginning of the school year, administrators knew that distance learning would present obstacles and challenges for students, parents, and teachers alike.  However, data has shown that face-to-face learning is far superior to remote learning. In the e-mail to parents, Donny Webb states that "On-campus instruction remains the most appropriate method for academic success, social and emotional growth, and what we believe to be in the best interest of students."

For parents that do not wish for their children to engage in on-campus learning, the following options are allowed:

• Parents may request a transfer to another Texas school district that offers remote learning as an option. It will be up to that district as to whether they will accept the transfer request.

• Parents may withdraw their child to participate in a homeschool environment. This may be accomplished by communicating in writing to the campus principal. An original signature will be required for this request.

• Parents may enroll their child in the Texas Virtual School Network. Texas Education Agency provides resources that list all approved programs.

While the optional remote learning platform is being suspended, Hudson ISD will continue to provide educational opportunities to students who are required to quarantine or self-isolate due to COVID-19 exposure or infection.

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