Gas stations across the 59 corridor are selling out of gas.

I just went to fill up all the station vehicles. We have an account with Bigs in town, so all the van's went to the store down the street on Timberland. People were already there filling up, and things have started to get a little crazy. They were already out of regular unleaded at the pump. Reports are coming in that stores on Raguet and HWY 94 are not having shortages yet.

We also had a K-Fox Streetcast scheduled at Wal-Mart in Lufkin today with Lufkin Coca-Cola. This picture of the water isle at the Lufkin Supercenter was taken just minutes ago.

TSM James Stillwell

Our broadcast got called off due to the sheer amount of business they were having in front of Hurricane Harvey. People here should be prepared, and get what they need for their families for the duration now, so we can help with possible evacuees from Houston all the way south to Corpus Christi.

Water, Bread, Gas, Milk and other staples will be in short supply due to people here stocking up for the weekend. If you were planning on doing your shopping for the weekend this evening, you might want to take an early lunch break, and go to the store and get that done. Stay prepared by checking out Hurricanes at

Here in East Texas, according to Jessica Pebsworth Public Information Officer with the Lufkin Police Department, there are no plans currently to open shelters in Lufkin, but that could change if Houston gets a significant amount of rain after the initial surge Monday or Tuesday.