The black market for the precious metals inside the exhaust systems dangling just beneath our vehicles has soared.  According to State Farm, Texas is only behind California for the most catalytic converter thefts in the country.

This epidemic has now moved beyond larger cities and has been an issue here in Lufkin for at least the past two years. It only takes a thief a few seconds to get this part off of your car, but it could end up costing you $500 - $3000 to have it replaced.

This is a crime that hits close to home, as our station vehicle fleet has been a target of these crimes as well. Due to a recent theft, we now have a clearer picture of the individuals responsible.

Thieves Stole Catalytic Converter From Brookshire Brothers Delivery Vehicle 

Lufkin Crime Stoppers are asking for our help in identifying two people caught on video stealing catalytic converters from a Lufkin Brookshire Brothers delivery van. The video appears to have been taken at the Gaslight location.

While the thieves probably only made a couple of hundred bucks from the theft, it will cost the store thousands in repairs and lost business. There are a lot of people in our community that depend on these deliveries.

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While watching the video, you can see that it only took about 90 seconds from start to finish for them to get the car part free from the vehicle.

Solve This Crime In Lufkin, Texas With Crimestoppers 

If you recognize the criminals in the video below submit a tip anonymously via their app or call 936-639-TIPS. The entire process is anonymous and you can get paid. No one will know that you helped solve this case.

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