As I was driving past St. Luke's Memorial Hospital on Frank Street in Lufkin, I noticed that the life flight helicopter was just taking off from its pad adjacent to the hospital.  I mentioned to my daughter that it looked to be heading straight down the Highway 94 corridor towards Hudson.

A little later as I was getting closer to the intersection of FM 706 and Highway 94, the helicopter looked to be hovering over the Hudson schools.  Sure enough, the helicopter touched down in one of the high school parking lots as several Hudson emergency vehicles lined up nearby.

At first, I was concerned that someone playing youth baseball may have been seriously injured, but no games were going on and there were hardly any people on the campus grounds.

I learned that someone had been seriously injured at a rodeo that was taking place at an arena off of FM 706.  Paramedics were trying to stabilize the individual and transport him to be life-flighted.  The Hudson parking lot was the nearest and safest place that the helicopter could land.

While the emergency crew was waiting for the ambulance to arrive at Hudson, the injured man's wife showed up.  Of course, she was distraught, but the props to members of the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department, Angelina County EMS and Life Flight crew for their compassion for her.

I'm not sure of the details of the injury nor specifically how it happened, I wasn't about to pry.  I am asking that anyone reading this to please pray for the man, his wife, and all his family and friends.

Hudson Life Flight


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