Just when we thought we would have three places to get their great chicken in Lufkin, one of our Chick-fil-A restaurants closed for remodeling. This time the location getting an update is inside the Lufkin Mall.

If you have lived in Lufkin long enough you have seen remodels of many fast-food restaurants take place. I was amazed when they tore down the entire McDonald's on Timberland and completely rebuilt it.

I also remember when they tore down the entire Taco Bell on Timberland Drive and rebuilt it in a matter of months. These restaurants have a life cycle, and they have criteria within the franchise agreements for how long they can operate.

This Is Not The First Remodel For Chick-fil-A in Lufkin Mall

The construction got underway almost immediately after the opening of the third location of Chick-fil-A in Lufkin. Though they are not owned by the same people there seems to be some type of coordination between restaurants.

For some longtime residents it doesn't seem like it's actually been that long, since the last time this location was remodeled. I can assure you it has been at least 7-8 years ago. 

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During the summer of 2016 the Chick-fil-A on the loop closed for remodeling for a month. That was when the only other option was the Lufkin Mall location and before they had a drive-thru in the back as they do now.

The Typical Lifespan Of A Chick-fil-A Restaurant Is 30 Years 

There is always a sense of loss when something like this happens. Don't worry; I'm sure the Lufkin Mall location will be back better than ever soon.

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