Like Chris Rock said, twenty years before Will Smith slapped him, "Grand opening. Grand closing." Earlier this week we brought you the story of the world's cutest Buc-ee's. Located outside Marathon, TX in West Texas, it captured the imaginations of Texans everywhere. That is until it disappeared.

News of its demise began circulating on social media this morning, and at first I'd hoped it was a clever ruse. My thinking, maybe too many people were coming out and overwhelming the tiny town and residents were looking to slow down tourists.

Well, it appears now that I was wrong, as the Visit Marathon Texas Facebook page has confirmed the sad news. Tiny Buc-ee's is no more.

It’s true. Tiny Buc-ee’s is gone... The building still stands but all traces of its existence have been removed. @shesabrickvault , head brew master Brick Vault Brewery & BBQ] snapped this picture a few days ago. Amy somberly stated via text that if you look close enough, you can still see the traces of epoxy left over after the iconic Buc-ee's] signage was removed. Kölsch may or may not have been poured out in honor of its short life... Tiny Buc-ee’s you may be gone, but you’re not forgotten. That’s today’s news in Marathon, TX . Feel free to go about your day.

And while what was some a sort of art exhibit has been removed, there may be hope still for this area in West Texas to get a full-size Buc-ee's. State Representative Brooks Landgraf who allowed us to share his photos had this to say:

 "I spoke with “Beaver” Aplin, the co-founder of Buc-ee’s, a few weeks ago and let him know that West Texans would welcome his stores with open arms. As the company continues to grow, I expect we’ll see Buc-ee’s along I-20 in the Permian Basin someday in the future, but they’ll have to fill in the gap first."

RIP Tiny Buc-ee's, you'll live on forever in our gallery:

Ladies & Gentlemen, The World's SMALLEST Buc-ee's is Just So Cute

The new tourist spot can be found in Marfa, a small desert city in west Texas, is known as an arts hub. The art installation, remember the famous Marfa Prada installation, it's kinda like that, has popped up on the side of Sanderson Highway.

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