Freedom of speech is just that, but if you put it in public things might not go your way. 

I was driving around today and saw this on the back of a vehicle. This is a positive message, and the use of foul language might get your attention. Car culture is the epitome of self expression. It is the one outward facing persona that I think tells the most about you. Some people are using that public display to express their distaste of certain political figures.

Dan Patrick - TSM

Now actually the first message above isn’t that controversial, except for the explicatives. But some have been putting things on their veichle that others might find offensive. Politics is something you might not even bring up in polite conversation anymore. Yet there it is, splashed out on the back of the family truck for all to see.

This is going further than just putting a bumpersticker on a car to state who your favorite candidate is. Now they are expressing disdain for what is now our president. The election is over, and we are suposed to put all that behind us, and just be Americans for the next 4 years. But the narrative the news media is presenting, with daily negative stories about the president, and other officials, warnted or not, is creating this form of public expression. Let’s just hope you aren’t in the car with your 5 year old with a high reading level, you might get a suprise. Do you think people should be allowed to put this R rated verbiage on their vehicles in public? Comment Below.