Everyone knows you can't put a frozen turkey straight into the fryer.  Right?!  These fried turkey fails are tragic and dangerous!  Be entertained by these horrendous attempts at cooking, and then use these people as examples of what not to do in the back yard next week.  Thank you, East Texas firefighters, for putting up with us.

If you've fried a turkey in the back yard before, you know the bird has to be completely thawed and the oil has to be just the right temperature.  If you can accomplish those things and you inject the bird with some good buttery Cajun seasoning before you sink it into the hot oil, you can create a Thanksgiving masterpiece.  If one of those steps is a little off, you could end up with a total disaster.

Check out some of these turkey frying fails.

Hopefully you don't see yourself in any of these videos.

What a disaster!  You spend fifty bucks on all that oil and get the bird ready, and then this misfortune happens and you either eat nothing but sides for Thanksgiving dinner, or you give up and order pizza.   And your wife is mad because you've ruined Thanksgiving and you're going to have to restore the fence and maybe part of the siding on the house.  And hopefully your hair grows back.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm sure you're turkey frying adventure will go very well.  And if it doesn't, there's always Whataburger.

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