I got these diagrams from the smoky mountains website.

Have you have noticed some leaves already falling off of your trees? I know I have, and local experts (neighbors) are telling me it's from the heat. It's not time yet, but we are inching closer to fall foliage putting on a show across the nation. Of course it's more dramatic when you don't have pine trees.

Lots of people head north this time of year to see it all happening. If you are thinking of a trip to see autumn in its full glory, the weekend of Saturday, October 20-22nd, I personally would take a quick trip to Tennessee.  This Fall foliage prediction map shows it will be at it's peak.

Dan Patrick

If you are looking and wondering about the local leaf changing event, you will have to wait till almost Thanksgiving. The same prediction service is showing that we will be in full Fall color change here Saturday November 10th-12th.

Dan Patrick

November 5th - 12th is when we will be at our peak, but pine trees are evergreen conifers, so don't look for that much change, unless you head a little north, or north west. In a little over a few months time, all of the leaves will have fallen here in East Texas. Have fun bagging them up. With all those pine needles that are constantly being shed, we will have our work cut out for us this fall.