This parody video on millennials has been around for a couple of years, but a friend showed it to me again over the weekend and I thought it was worth sharing to ask a question.  Are millennials in Texas this stereotypical?

Watermark Church posted the video in 2016 and said it actually "opened a talk at the Church Leaders Conference encouraging people to see past the stereotypes and recognizing the unique potential that millennials have."  That, and it's kinda fun.

Micah Tyler is from Beaumont, and he used to drive a sausage delivery truck across Southeast Texas before getting into music.  He's traveled 200 days a year playing college campuses and other events throughout the South, so you may have seen him perform before and not known him as the "millennials parody guy."  The video has been viewed more than 65 million times on Youtube and Facebook.  So far.

It capitalizes on some of the stereotypes that have attached themselves to Millennials and it's the little bits of truth that make it a hit.  But does it describe Texans?  The Texas Millennials I know seem to be pretty hard-working, ambitious, and in charge of who they are.  Okay, and some of them do have some pretty rockin' man buns.

Did you ever get a trophy just for participating?  Me too.  And never took it too seriously because it said "participation" right on there, and I knew it didn't make me a champ. Kids are wise.

So enjoy the video.  And Texas Millennials, I hope you make it all the way to the White House.

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