Something funny happens when Texans travel out of state. When they meet someone new, the first thing that comes up is the accent. Out-of-staters often say Texas women sound "cute" or "sweet" when they talk. They comment less frequently on men but think to themselves in terms of drawl or twang. Then they start asking questions. Here are the answers to some of the ones we hear most often.

Is Everyone from Texas a Hillbilly?

Real Estate blog Moveto ranked the 10 most redneck cities in the United States. They used data like the number of people who didn't finish high school, the number of gun retailers, how many taxidermists, cowboy apparel stores, NASCAR tracks, tractor repair shops and Wal-Mart stores each city had per resident and so on. Only two of the cities were in Texas. Fort Worth and Arlington ranked toward the bottom at numbers six and seven respectively.

Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee have way more rednecks and hillbillies than Texas. Especially Oklahoma.

Do All Texans Have a Home Arsenal?

There's this idea that we walk around with six shooters on each hip and answer the door with a shotgun. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) released a report that shows gun ownership by state for 2017. Roughly one in every 47 Texans owns a gun.

Sure, Uncle Joe owns 50, but that's Uncle Joe. He also wears a 10-gallon hat, drives an old pickup truck and has the most pronounced Texas accent I've ever heard. But he doesn't walk around with six shooters on each hip.

Wyoming actually owns the most guns per resident. New Mexico is the second runner-up.

Is Texas Mostly Desert?

Texas is extremely varied in its climate and physical geography. If you live here, you know there's a huge difference even in areas you'd expect to be similar. Galveston is completely different from South Padre. The Texas Hill country looks like the French countryside. Palo Duro is the second largest canyon on the continent and surrounded by flat grassland for miles.

Drive just from Tyler to Dallas and you'll notice a dramatic change in terrain. Texas has 10 different climate regions, 14 distinct types of soil and 11 diverse ecological regions.

Do You Ride a Horse to Work?

Sigh. No. We don't ride a horse to work.

Why Are Texans so Obsessed with Texas?

Texas is the best. Here are a few reasons we don't think so, we know for sure.

  • Schlitterbahn is the greatest waterpark on the planet. It started here. Now we have four.
  • Chuck Norris is a Texas Ranger. For real.
  • Some of the world's best music comes from Texas.
  • Texas produces more wind power than any other state.
  • Texas high school football is the stuff of legend. At pretty much every high school.
  • We have the best festivals.
  • We're the biggest state that isn't inaccessible half the year.
  • Blue Bell ice cream comes from Texas.
  • Beyonce was born in Houston.
  • We have the Dallas Cowboys.

The list could go on, but you get the point. Texans are obsessed because we're proud. What about you? What are some of the questions you've been asked from people born outside the state? Let us know in the comments.

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