You guys know me. You know I'm all about finding out about new businesses coming into our area. Well, today is no different. As I was rolling through social media this morning, I came across a discussion about a potential new business coming to Lufkin, and that this business was going to be Texas Roadhouse.

Naturally, I had to go check it out. So, I decided to go check the Texas Roadhouse website, and this is what I found:


Yes, that lists Lufkin, TX as the location. It even gives a physical address! 4640 S Medford Dr. If you type that in Google Maps, this is the location you get:

Google Maps

This looks to be a pretty neat addition to Lufkin. It also means that there will be a bit of a "roadhouse competition", since there will be both a Texas Roadhouse AND a Logan's Roadhouse.

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