As an alumnus of West Sabine ISD in Pineland, I think this is a pretty cool story. As a former basketball player and current basketball fan, I think this is a pretty cool story. As a fan of JJ Watt, I think this is a pretty cool story. So, you put all of those things together, and I KNOW it's an awesome story.

Earlier this week, the West Sabine Junior High basketball program received some really awesome news, along with new swag. They received almost $6,000 for new uniforms from the JJ Watt Foundation! This was the post that's been circulating all over social media:

I didn't even know that little bitty Pineland, TX would ever be on the JJ Watt radar, but it is. According to their website, the JJ Watt Foundation has helped more than 500 schools with their 6th-8th grade after school athletic programs - such as basketball - get funding for new equipment.

West Sabine is one of the latest to be recognized, and to benefit from the foundation's work.

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