McDonald's is probably the most recognizable fast food chain in the world. I know that it's the most recognizable to me. I was one of those kids that lost my mind looking for french fries when I saw the golden arches. As an adult, I became a fan of the Big Mac.

Today, I found out that McDonald's has announced a couple of additions to the traditional Big Mac. They rolled out the Little Mac AND the Double Big Mac.

Instead of the two beef patties and extra bun like the original Big Mac, the Little Mac has only one beef patty in between two buns. And, of course it still has the special sauce, cheese, etc.

The Double Big Mac actually has FOUR beef patties, instead of two. And - obviously - it has all of the sauce, cheese, lettuce, etc. And yes, it looks rather massive.

And, of course, there is the original, traditional, tried-and-true, authentic, [insert your own descriptions here], Big Mac. It's the one that started it all.

Check out all three of them together!

McDonald's Press Release
McDonald's Press Release

So now the question is: Are they available in East Texas? According to the McDonald's website, they're going to be rolling out nationwide, tomorrow. That means that March 11, 2020 - you may want to go check out one of our local McDonald's locations. We have three in Nacogdoches, three in Lufkin, and several others spread out across Deep East Texas.

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