The elves are off the shelves and ready for you to spot at Ellen Trout Zoo. They have been doing this for years and it's become quite the tradition.

This is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, while enjoying our local zoo and everything it has to offer. You can come back more than once and it's a completely new game.

The elves are on the move around Ellen Trout Zoo. Getting all three is a challenge, and there are a few rules.


How To Win

After paying your normal admission fee you can start off around the zoo like you normally would. Get busy enjoying all of the animals and everything they have to offer.

Then when you spot an exhibit with an elf, remember where you saw it. Once you have spotted all three elves just stop by the admission window to tell them where you saw the elves.

Everyone that tells them where the elves were gets a free candy cane. It's so easy even a grown-up could do it.

Careful Out There 

During your search please do not cross any barriers. The elves will be clearly visible inside or next to an animal exhibit.

Stick to the pathways when you are in the zoo. When you find an elf, make a note of which animal exhibit you found it at.

All of the exhibits have signs, so you will know which animal exhibit the elf is in. Once found don't take or touch the elves.

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