The City of Lufkin is now reporting that they have full (real not generator) power to eight of nine of their wells. The wells being on real power means they pump at their proper, maximum capacity. There is still one well that is down due to a mechanical issue from the first ice storm at the beginning of the week. The hope is to have it up and running soon. 

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Rich Walker

Because Saturday was the first day it was consistently above freezing, that allows breaks to show that were previously masked by frozen pipes and low water pressure. So, residents and business owners should check your homes or businesses for leaks.

If you find one and do not know how to cut your water supply, you are advised to contact the call center at 936-633-0357.

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A boil water notice remains in effect.

The City of Lufkin has been receiving a number of the same questions concerning water supply and safety.  Here are some answers to those questions:

Q: Why is my water brown or rust colored?

A: The brown water is from leaks. With the pressure as low it got, dirt got into the lines. It’s called back siphonage. Just  running them a bit till it’s clean will do. That’s why we always flush after a repair. We are adding chlorine to the water to make it safe. When the boil water notice is rescinded, you’ll know it is. 

Q: When will be OK for Lufkin residents to wash clothes?

A: The water is fine to wash clothes.

Q: Is it OK to shower? If so, are there any recommendations or guidelines the city would like us to follow?

A: Just make sure you don’t swallow shower water. It’s important to remind kids of the same during bath time.

Q: Is it OK to wash dishes or use the dishwasher? 

A: Washing dishes is tricky. If disposable dishes aren’t available you should be careful. Dishwashers that get above 150 degrees are fine. Hand washing is not encouraged. If you do, add a little bleach to the dish water. 

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