Storm chasers?  Aren't they the people who get their thrills by video'ing themselves chasing tornadoes?  Well, yes, but that's not who this story is about.  There's another group known as "storm chasers", and the Better Business Bureau says they are to be avoided at all cost, if possible.  They're crooks.



The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports these storm chasers are fast buck artists who hit town after a big storm and go around preying on homeowners with storm damage.  They offer dubious deals that sound good, but they often end up costing homeowners thousands of dollars. They make big promises they know they can't deliver, and they typically insist on full payment up front.

A BBB spokesman says many people are so desperate to get repairs done they don't take time to do any research on the contractor they hire.  That can set them and their bank account up for a serious beating.

The BBB has some valuable tips for people who're trying to find a home repair contractor on its website


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