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Local Charities to Benefit From United Way Funds
The local United Way is in the middle of deciding how to divvy up about $700,000 this year. Several local agencies have requested the help, and the Angelina County United Way spent much of Tuesday interviewing those groups and listening to them make their case. Today they're meeting to start making decisions on who gets how much.
5 Simple Ways Introverts Can Get Noticed at Work
Experts will tell you that introverts are great leaders, yet it still seems like we live in a world designed to revere extroverts, especially in the workplace. If you know the right steps, and your own value as an introvert, you can make the office a comfortable place for you to grow and succeed even if you’re not a glad-hander.
Texas Has Great Tippers
If you dine out at the Olive Garden, or Hole in One Cafe, or another one of your favorite spots in Lufkin, do you tip well?  You just might be boosting the average for Texas. We've all got cheapskates in our circle of friends and family, but for the most part Texans are good tippers.  On average, we tip 19.7 percent here and that puts us in the top 5.  The best overall tippers are in New York and
Employment Laws You Should Know Before Taking a Job
All employees have basic rights. We can't be chained to our desks or held as indentured servants, for example. But do we actually know enough when it comes to the federal laws that govern our workplaces? You may have rights you didn’t know you had, particularly when it comes to getting hired.

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