The Better Business Bureau of Central East Texas says nobody keeps up with communications technology more than con artists.  All the better to con you with my dear. That brings us to this story about the newest high tech tactic the cons are using to get into your money.



It's known as "smishing", and it's the same thing as "Phishing", but instead of trying to con you with emails to your PC, they now send text messages to your cellphone.  The goal is the same though -- to get you to give them your logins, passwords and/or credit card information.

The BBB says it's getting complaints about smishing scammers posing as banks, credit card companies, well-known retail companies, or as lottery/sweepstakes presenters.  The latest smishing cons involve gift card giveaways.

BBB says it's easy to avoid being "smished".  Just don't open a text message from someone you don't know, especially if it offers something for nothing, like a free gift card from Walmart or some other big retailer.

If you do open one, DO NOT reply to it. The BBB has more good advice on how to avoid being "smished" at:

Just remember that no one -- NO ONE -- is going to give you something for nothing, no matter what they promise, whether it's in person face to face, over the phone, in an email or in a text message.

Remember that one thing, and live by it, and you will never be the victim of a con artist.

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