Life is sweet when you have a local candy maker. Atkinson Candy is inviting us all out to experience their Chick-O-Treat Friday, October 30th 2020 from 3-6pm. Sounds like people from all over will be in line for treats.

Plans for trick-or-treating are up in the air in Deep East Texas. It will be up to homeowners around the area, if there are no lights on, it's going to be a bust. How the first Halloween during a pandemic in modern times will shape up is anyone's guess. I think the months of lock down, is enough scary for one year.

That's what I like about this event. It's all about the treats not the scares. I am super pumped that Atkinson Candy is doing this for the community. They recommend Car Costumes or 'CAR-stumes' for the drive though candy deluge. Make your car look its scary best in line. Come in costume yourself and bring joy to all the workers there working hard to put this on for us.

Start your way to Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars, Chick-O-Sticks, and Long Boys using the entrance by The Spud on Frank Street in Lufkin. Atkinson Candy Factory is located at 1608 W. Frank Ave.

If things turn out like I think they will this year for Halloween, this will be a great break from your work or school from home routine. Halloween isn't cancelled, we just need to be inventive, and take things down a notch. Haunted houses full of screaming people, is a recipe for disaster. Take it old school this year for Halloween. Atkinson Candy has been around since 1932. They know how to do it.


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