It's nothing new to see people skip straight over the Thanksgiving holiday to start prepping for Christmas. It's like they decide to go straight from Halloween to Christmas, which is pretty unfortunate, because Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday for lots of people.

However, I'm not used to seeing people skip over Halloween AND Thanksgiving to start their Christmas celebrations. But, that's exactly what's happening in one Texas town not too far from here.

As I was scrolling through Facebook earlier, I came across this picture from a friend of mine who was just as perplexed as I was. Check it out:

Photo Credit: Chris Grum

This is taking place in Sugar Land, less than three hours from here. This crew is already hanging Christmas lights on the building on September 30th. Do you get that? THE. LAST. DAY. OF. SEPTEMBER. We're just under three months away from Christmas, and they're hanging lights! And, the next picture shows you how serious they are about it. Look at this:

Photo Credit: Chris Grum

They've got the crane and the full crew working on this project! The Christmas decorations are being prepped in Sugar Land!

So, I guess everyone is so ready to get to the end of 2020 that they're trying to skip right to the end of December already. I think I'm ready to see the end of it too, but I don't know that I want to wish it away THAT fast...

What about you guys? Are you seeing people prepping for Christmas already? Where at? Let us know in the comment section below!

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