April Fool's Day is right around the corner, but before you turn it, make sure look you down for any banana peels.

Yup, the big day is almost, so Reddit had some fun by asking people to chime in with their best pranks.

Let's just say that if you find yourself inspired, these jokes will earn you induction into the Jokester Hall of Fame, except from the person you fooled. There's a good chance he or she will never talk to you again. But that's the chance you take for prankster greatness.

Here's a look at some fantastic pranks. Let inspiration strike:

Replace their Purell with Lube. Watch them rub their hands together forever. The lube washes off harmlessly, the shame never will."

Bring a box of creme-filled donuts to work. Regular creme-filled donuts. Put a note on the box that says 'Happy April 1!' Watch everyone get paranoid about what you didn't actually do to the donuts."

Put notes on people’s cars telling them 'sorry about the damage.' They will spend forever looking for it."

Put out a bowl filled with M&Ms, Skittles, and Reese’s Pieces."

Move every piece of furniture 2 inches to the right. Subtle but sweet."

Take screenshot of desktop.
Remove all icons on desktop.
Close all applications.
Set taskbar to 'auto-hide.'
Set screenshot as wallpaper.
Result: computer looks just as they left it, but when they try to do anything, it doesn't work."

Freeze mashed potatoes. Scoop frozen mashed onto cones. Serve the kids vanilla ice cream cones for dessert. The look on their faces after they take a big bite is amazing! Cheap, funny and harmless."

Chocolate covered cotton balls."

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