Arizona residents get a faint glimpse of hope as officials allow approximately 7000 families to return to their homes.Firefighters continue to battle the huge wildfire that has destroyed many Arizona communities. As the battle to control the blaze continues,  firefighters expressed the first real sense of hope that they were making progress.

Strong winds in the region have actually helped firefighters, as the gusts burned off fuel in the central part of the blaze before it reached the fire lines. But just across the New Mexico boarder, firefighters are working to prevent the flames from reaching their state by burning off anything that might fuel the fire.

Two major power lines that brings in electricity from Arizona to Texas, are still in danger of being damaged. Although firefighters were able to burn some of the fuel between the power lines, there are sill concerns that the fire could cause some disruption in those lines.

Although officials are starting to allow families to return to their homes, in select areas, authorities still warn the elderly, and very young to stay away. The lingering smoke lowers air quality levels, which could cause respiratory problems.

There are about 4,300 people working to control the blaze that has cost about $27 million to fight.