If you're a firefighter in East Texas, there's a big, strong, beefy pro football player that has a lot of respect and admiration for you.  JJ Watt of the Houston Texans tried firefighter training, and said it kicked his butt!  

JJ Watt's dad was a firefighter, and JJ decided to take part in some training recently to honor his dad.  JJ is an amazing athlete and has a body of steel (not that we girls notice these things), but firefighter training was a challenge that he didn't expect.  The Bleacher Report says JJ met his match, and said, "I pride myself on being a great athlete, but these drills kind of put me under the table real quick."

East Texas firefighters should high five themselves right now!  Thanks guys, for doing what you do, and know that your hero with the Houston Texans thinks highly of you too.

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