Looking for a property with two homes, walkable trails, two stocked ponds, and your own personal zip line park sounds kind of far-fetched. If that is your criteria you are in luck, as the former Zip Nac is for sale.

There is something freeing about flying through the forest off the beaten path in Nacogdoches. Now imagine being able to do it anytime you want.

The property is at 199 Brother John Road in Nacogdoches, Texas. You might need to program your GPS before you head that way. This location is off the beaten path, yet still just 10 minutes from downtown Nacogdoches.

The Former Zip Nac Is For Sale In Nacogdoches, Texas

When night falls you can see all the stars in the sky out there. No light pollution at this place and lots of privacy.

Zip Nac closed in October of 2020 during the height of Covid. Since then the two homes on the property have been used as vacation rentals.

If you are thinking about buying the place you can rent one of the two homes on their vacation rental site, zipinn.net. That will give you a real feel for the place.

You Could Turn This Zip Line Park Into Your Private Residence In Nacogdoches, Texas

There are a lot of other buildings on the property, besides the two houses. There are 75 acres to explore along with a huge metal building with multiple offices.

You can use that for storage space, workshops, or start your own Zip Line business. The only thing that might hold you back is the price, as it's currently listed at $1.39 million dollars.

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Take a look around at all this huge place has to offer.

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