Dustin Ellermann of Zavalla took the $100,000 grand prize on The History Channel’s “Top Shot” Tuesday night, in an elimination challenge that left little doubt that he really is the best competitive shooter in the country.  Let's just say he hits what he aims at.

The almost entirely self-taught Ellermann out-shot firearms training equipment company president and competitive pistol shooter Mike Hughes in the final elimination.

Lufkin's First Assembly Church held a "Top Shot” Watch Party that attracted more than a thousand of Dustin's fans, who crowded into the church's auditorium to watch the show on massive projection screens.

Ellermann says he will use his prize money for his camp and chapel, and build a larger house for his family.

via America's Top Shot: Ellermann wins Season 3 of History Channel show - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

It's amazing, and more than a little satisfying, to see a self-taught amateur outshoot some of the most highly trained civilian and military professionals in the world.  It's even more gratifying to see such a fine decent Christian man come out on top.

Congratulations Dustin.  You've made us all proud to say we live in the same county with you.