Dustin Ellerman, a 28-year-old summer camp director from Zavalla, is also a crack shot with a rifle. That's why Dustin will be featured in the upcoming third season of "Top Shot," a History Channel show where marksmen compete for a grand prize of $100,000.

Dustin Ellermann has been shooting almost anything he could get his hands on since he was 6 years old.  He says he was so busy with his job at a summer camp on Lake Sam Rayburn he didn't find the time to audition for the "Top Shot" show until its third season,

A press release from the History Channel says marksmen must “display mastery of weapons from all eras of human history, from the most primitive (rocks) to the most sophisticated tactical firearms...including the Gatling gun, the Hotchkiss mountain gun and the CornerShot."

They also have to be able to endure extreme physical conditions to stay in the game.

via Zavalla marksman takes aim at 'Top Shot' TV show - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

Ellerman says he's completely self taught and he's never been a professional highly trained shooter, so that means he was the only person in the competition with no "shooting resume."   Let's just say he "stood out."

He says the group was made up of highly trained Homeland Security people, Marines, cops, and little old Dustin, a camp counselor from east Texas.