Those wild and wacky hosts of the popular cable TV show "American Pickers" recently spent the day "picking" through a familiar junk yard on hwy 59 north at Redlands, just north of Lufkin.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of the History Channel’s hit show “American Pickers,” travel the country, looking for unique and castoff items to restore and resell for a profit.  Last Friday, March 18, they and their camera crew came to Paul Nerren’s Junk Barn and spent hours sorting through the thousands of items piled up inside Nerren's fence.

Nerren says they were especially interested in his collection of hats and caps, and they ended up buying a top hat, a quartermaster’s cap and a large ammonia gauge.

In all, they spent about $200, and their visit will be in an American Pickers episode in October.

via Hosts of ‘American Pickers’ spend day sifting through the relics at Lufkin junk barn - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

Nerren closed the junk barn while the pickers and their crew were there, but they still attracted a crowd of curious onlookers.  About 200 people were waiting outside the gate hoping to get autographs when the Pickers left.