Angelina County's very own Top Shot in the country -- Dustin Ellermann of Zavalla -- isn't just kicking back and enjoying his fame since winning the History Channel's Top Shot competition a few months ago.  Hardly.


Dustin is a devout Christian, who with no formal training at all, outshot the best professional marksmen in the United States over ten weeks of competition, using all kinds of weapons.

Dustin clearly enjoys the fame he has earned for himself and the Christian Youth Camp he and his wife manage near Zavalla.

When he's not traveling the country giving speeches, telling people that his marksmanship is God given, he enjoys meeting his fans and admirers every chance he gets.  For Dustin, all these activities are his witness for Christ.

Dustin will be at the Angelina Rodeo tonight and tomorrow night to sign autographs and visit with his friends and fans.

via 'Top Shot' winner Ellermann still busy making appearances all around the country - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

The best thing about Dustin Ellermann is how "real" he is.  He's famous around the world, but he's still the humble and down to Earth east Texas kid he's always been.  Unlike many people who populate the world of television, he actually deserves his 15 minutes of fame, and we wouldn't mind if his 15 minutes never runs out.