There is idea online that started circulating back in May about how to determine whether a person is a good or bad member of society. This new idea is called the 'Shopping Cart Theory'. This new test started trending on a Redditt thread.

It goes like this: If people return their carts to the stall or back to the store where they are supposed to go, that person is a "good member of society". It shows that they are doing what is "right" or "correct". If the person just leaves the cart out and about in the middle of the parking lot, they are a "bad member of society". The Redditt thread goes so far as to say that it shows that this person is "no better than an animal". The whole thing is a litmus test to determine what kind of people are out there.

If this is the test, and if the test really is that simple, I'm a bit concerned about Deep East Texas...Walking through the parking lot, I don't know how many abandoned shopping carts I saw. Some of them weren't even two parking spaces away from a designated stall. It's truly unnerving. It really wouldn't take that much time and effort to just walk the cart over and push it in. This way, you aren't taking up spaces, and cars aren't being damaged by unmanned carts that are rolling away. Plus, it helps the parking lots look better.

So, what kind of person are you? Are you the kind of person that leaves your cart wherever it stops? Or, do you take the time to put it where it's supposed to go? And, on a deeper note: Are you a good member of society, or a bad member of society...?

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