Today - and tomorrow - is Amazon Prime Day. Yes, I realize that "Day" implies just one singular unit, but whatever...these two days make up Amazon Prime Day.

It seems that everyone that I've talked with today has mentioned something about this huge online event. Whether they're looking for electronics, clothes, tools, gifts, or all of the above, millions of people are shopping on Amazon to take advantage of the deals.

Now, don't get me wrong, the deals are pretty legitimate. There are deals for items that are discounted by more than half off the original price. Some items are hundreds of dollars cheaper than normal price.

Alright, enough about the basic information of Amazon Prime Day. Simply because I'm curious, I wan't to know who found - at least what they perceive in their own minds - the best deals on Amazon. Were you able to find that brand new TV for half price? Maybe you picked up the Echo Dot for an unbelievably low cost. This one's for you college students: Maybe you were able to pick up all those school supplies, PLUS your dorm/apartment necessities, WITHOUT having to break the bank.

What about you? Did you find the deals online that you wanted? What were the best deals you found on Amazon Prime Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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