Everyone with a smart phone can easily check the time and temperature, but did you know there was an old school way we used to check the time and temp in the days before we had super computers in our pockets?

Adding to my theory that once you start something in Lufkin, you can never stop without overwhelming public outcry, you can still dial a phone number for the Date, Time and Temperature. I'm not even kidding. In this day and age, I can glance at my watch and get all of this information in the blink of an eye. But I could also still have a rotary phone and dial, 936-634-1212.

robandstephanielevy, Flickr
robandstephanielevy, Flickr

This is a service of our local telephone company. I remember calling this number after playing outside on hot summer days, wondering why I had heat stroke. As reliable as old fashioned thermometers were, placement was always the issue. You had to make sure it was not in direct sun. If there was a breeze where you placed it, that could effect the temperature read out as well.

It was the number you used to call to reset the clock on your VCR after a power outage. Do you remember calling this number as a kid? I just dialed it and the automated message voice lady even sounded the same. Also apparently my computer's clock was a little slow, by about a minute. How do I set that? I think I will leave it be, and trust that it is correct, or at least close enough.

Oh yeah, and if we ever had to fake a phone call for appearances, this was the number to call, "The temperature is 78 degrees," and we'd respond with, "Okay mom, I'll tell Brad's mom she needs to take us to the mall because you're too busy."

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