Heated blankets are one thing. I'm actually a fan of those. However, you can now buy heated pants on Amazon...

Don't believe me? Look for yourself:

So, for $160 bucks, you can get a pair of pants that you need to charge a battery up for, and will keep you warm. I don't know what your thoughts are on this, but I'm not too sure about the concept...

I mean, in theory, it sounds good. You know, it'll keep you warm. But, my question is: What happens if they get wet...? There is a battery involved, which means that electricity is present, so...If you spill your coffee on them, what happens?

Personally, I think I'd prefer to just add extra layers of clothes, instead of chargeable pants...I just don't think that I would do too well with them. I think I'll stick with regular blue jeans, and I'll just bundle up as needed. Plus, I know for a fact that I would forget to charge the battery, so that's another reason I wouldn't need them...

What about you guys? Have any of y'all invested in the heated pants? If so, were they really worth it? Or, would it just be better to go ahead and plan on layering up when heading to the deerstand this season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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