Before Cafe Del Rio moved onto the loop in Lufkin, it was in the same location on Timberland for years. It was in that location for as long as I could remember. Since moving to the new location, there's been a realty sign out in front of the old location.

But today, I noticed that the sign was gone. There was no "For Sale" or "For Lease" sign anywhere around the property - that I saw. There was however, a truck parked right next to the building. Then, another one pulled up as well.

Maybe I'm looking to far into this. But, it does make me wonder: Is something going on at the old Timberland location? I mean, it would make sense that another restaurant might want to move in there. It would - I would think - be set up for a restaurant to move in. I could also see another business wanting to move in there. It's a huge lot, so the possibilities are endless. Then, there's the third option. Maybe someone is getting ready to tear the old building down.

All of these seem like reasonable possibilities to me. I haven't heard anything from anyone that might know about the fate of that property. Until I find out something, I'll just be keeping an eye on it to see what's next for it.

Have any of you heard anything about it? Or, do you have some ideas about what you might want to see move in? Let us know in the comments below!

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