This is the season to get out.  Schools out, and families all over the country are making their move. I think if this mattress could talk, it would tell the story of a family relocating from Nacogdoches. Though most people are telling me on facebook, it would be a story of bedbugs, and bad ratchet straps.

Most people that are relocating within the Lone Star State are moving to San Antonio. I guess they just can't resist the River Walk, Outlet Malls, and lack of humidity, that the home of the Alamo reperesents. But if you are moving to Texas from outside of the state, it's usually Austin, Dallas, or Houston, in that order.


Source - San Antonio also has one of the lowest rates of people moving out of the city, as about only 16 percent of Redfin users in San Antonio searched for homes in other cities. Austin and Dallas have similarly low numbers of movers heading out, but much higher numbers of out-of-staters moving in, making San Antonio stand out as a uniquely Texan destination.

So if you are planning on making a move, chances are you are headed towards the middle of Texas.  But this mattress was found on the South Bound lanes, by a friend of mine on Facebook. So most likely a college student, with a Twin XL mattress, headed back to Houston. They didn't even rent a U-Haul, and most of the people that move within the state don't.  About 100,000 of US citizens move with movers, 100,000 move ever year with a rental truck, and 1.6 million others...well they just figure it out. Lack of tie downs and all.

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