This could very well be your dream job.  A Texas-based company is looking for someone to test mattresses and write about the experience on social media.  If you want a job taking naps, you've got a few days left to apply.

Houston-based Mattress Firm is accepting applications right now to become a bed-testing "Snoozetern," or basically someone who gets paid to relax and doze off right in the middle of the workday.  If you're already making a habit out of that, you could totally be getting paid for it.

The paid internship involves testing out new and popular beds and posting about the experience on social media with videos and short blurbs. Mattress Firm said on the official job posting that you should love "sleeping in, constant napping and [have] a passion for a good night's rest."

It sounds like a certain set of skills will really set you apart from the pack.  If you can be "proficient in napping, regardless of time of day;" be "interested in exposure to different surfaces, textures and sleep positions;" and be "passionate about sleep and comfort," then you're the ideal candidate.

Does anyone else suddenly have the urge to crank the AC down to 60 and curl up with fluffy down pillow right now?  Oh, Mattress Firm, you've outdone yourself this time. They're accepting applications for the napping gig through July 23, and we're sure you'll have plenty of competition.

The job is at their BEDQuarters in Houston, but you'll also have a chance to visit other Mattress Firm locations around Texas as part of the job.  Click HERE to apply, and then take a nice long nap to practice launching your new career.  Nighty night.

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