Micro Wrestling is coming to Lufkin on August 18th. If you are looking to have a little fun before school starts this might help a tiny bit. I might poke fun here, but these guys are serious in the ring. I don't think I would like to be in the ring when the matches start.

The Micro Wrestling Federation is a full scale, WWE type of event, where every wrestler just happens to be under 5ft tall. They have been at this for 18 years, and are the longest running organization within the little person wrestling industry.

This will be a big time professional event, and no other company has performed more events since 2000. 



You don't want to miss the wrestling blowout with the Micro Wrestling Federation! This is the most outrageous event within our industry brought to you by Low Budget Rock Star Entertainment; the innovators of mundane entertainment! Here is what you can expect:

Two Single Matches: Who are the toughest Micro Wrestlers? Come find out!

Micro Brawl: Body slams, suplexes, and punches to the face can take place anywhere in the venue! Get ready for up-close and personal Micro action!

Micro Royal Rumble: All the Micro superstars enter the squared circle and stand tiny toe to tiny toe against one another in the main event! The belt is on the line and only one Micro wrestler will leave as champion.

Following the show: Fans can stick around and socialize and get autographs with the Micro cast members!

This is all going down at the Angelina Expo Center on August 18th. So you have a little bit of time before the event to get your tickets!

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