Here is a fun 'The Office' themed game for my fellow East Texans. Try to think of the Dunder Mifflin character that would best personify the towns around Lufkin, Nac, Diboll, etc.

I'm out in Pollok, which I'd say is totally Dwight. We have farms, we have nerds, and we're weird, but no so much as to be totally disliked.

I left a few towns out, but for the rest of the towns i'd say;

  • Lufkin: Michael or Phyllis ... or Roy
  • Nacogdoches: Jim or Darryl ... maybe Ryan
  • Hudson: Pam
  • Diboll: Toby
  • Rusk: Creed
  • Wells: Angela or Creed
  • San Augustine: Phyllis
  • Zavalla: Meredith
  • Carthage: Andy
  • Longview: Kelly

I suppose you'd have to know each town pretty well to participate, or you can just go by reputation. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but I can see how Diboll might be upset that I'm calling them Toby. I got a lot of speeding tickets there so I associate Diboll with following the rules and killing my vibe.

Don't just take my list as gospel. Participate in our poll below and/or comment no our Facebook who represents your town and why.


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