I'm a pretty big fan of Disney movies. The classic animations like "The Sword In The Stone" or "Oliver and Company" or "Lion King" are just a few of the awesome titles that Disney has come out with that make it so easy to love. Then, you add creations from franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars, and it gets that much better.

Then, when you find out that you can make $1,000, PLUS get the Disney+ streaming service free for a year, PLUS Disney swag...Well, I'm sold.

It just so happens that one organization is making this prize pack a reality for one lucky Disney fan. Reviews.org has set up this dream job. Check out what they said on their website:

We’re just so excited about the launch of Disney+ on November 12, 2019, that we’re selecting a Disney fan to help us celebrate. And if we pick you, your job is to watch 30 of your favorite Disney movies or shows in 30 days.

But it gets so much better!

Along with $1,000, our biggest Disney fan is in for a few more gadgets and gizmos aplenty (and whozits and whatzits galore). Here’s a preview of some of the fun we’ll send your way:

  • $1,000 to turn you into the main event, like no king was before. (Better brush up on your roar.)
  • A subscription to Disney+ for one whole year. That’s 335 more days you can fill with your fave characters and songs. Yasss!
  • A Disney-themed movie-watching kit. Snuggle up and ask your friend to pass the popcorn. We’ve got you covered with this cozy mouse-themed blanket, four cups that would make Mickey proud, and the cutest Pixar popcorn popper we’ve ever seen, complete with movie theater popcorn kernels.

Yep, it's truly a thing. But, only one person in the entire world is going to get this chance. (Plus, you have to beat me out of the position, so good luck!) You can check out the full list of qualifications and application list on the Reviews.org website.

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