Dust off all the cliches. There's nothing new under the sun.  All things old are new again.  Remember that funny looking rabbit ear antenna that used to sit on top of  your old TV set?  Don't laugh, but rabbit ears are making a comeback.

TV viewers hit by the weak economy and fat cable bills are going back to the old-school.  More and more are using indoor and outdoor antennas to get free programming.  That's right:  Those old rabbit ears your grandmother jiggled to tune in I Love Lucy can still pick up dozens of digital channels on HDTVs and other flat screens.

Don't worry about people thinking you're an oddball.  The National Association of Broadcasters says the number of Americans who have switched back to free over-the-air TV has risen 42 million to 46 million just in the last year.   And most are doing it to save money in a tough economy.

Some antenna manufacturers can't keep up with the demand.  One company says demand is so intense it has run out of many models.

via Rabbit Ears Redux: Antennas for Free Broadcast TV Make a Comeback - DailyFinance.

The best thing about rabbit ears and roof antennas is how cheap they are. You can find high quality rabbit ears for as low as ten dollars, and good roof antennas for less than fifty dollars.  The programming is free, and you don't have those high cable or satellite bills coming in every month.

Something to think about if money is tight at your house.