We just spoke with a friend who lives up north, and the level of hoops they've got to jump through to get fireworks is unbelievable.

New Yorkers have to drive out of town, aren't allowed to cross certain city limits into Jersey, deal with fear of getting pulled over and having their fireworks confiscated, and on top of all that, there's really no approved place you can set them off.

While we're sure they've got sanctioned events (like the one Mike Love and Associates is putting together for the Ellen Trout Park and Zoo) where folks can go to see great fireworks displays, it just doesn't beat the thrill of setting a batch off by yourself, and for you're own personal audience. No need for trained professionals ... you either lost a finger as a kid or you didn't, and that's what makes you qualified or scared enough to handle the equipment correctly.


We take for granted that Fireworks stands are like Starbucks up north, and we can't turn a corner without seeing those bad boys, employed by families, friends, and local fireworks enthusiast.

Here's a little meme that we're sure is funny in other parts of America, but down here in East Texas holds little meaning by using the term "Illegal Fireworks."

East Texans are over here like ...

And while we're a nation of people who see something pretty and need to get a quick photo or video ...

Maybe it's best to live in the moment and just enjoy the fireworks. I mean who honestly is going to sit down and watch a fireworks display on your phone. You aren't using that footage ever again, so put the phone down.

We even know some people who only save up for Independence Day and New Years ... You Know who you are.