Just in case you’ve not thought of this yet or perhaps need a reminder, Independence Day poses another threat besides injury to humans.

More of our fur babies make the most unwise decision to run away from home on this date than any other, acting purely on ‘gut’ instincts and feeling they’d fare better anywhere else than where they are hearing ‘the bombs dropping’ and the gun shots firing… Statistics back this fact; even in Lufkin and surrounding areas.

Sadly, some of these dogs never find their way home again or are run over as they make their mad escape. (Please check with local shelters if they do come up missing.)

If you are one of the many who plan to be out enjoying the local fireworks display at Ellen Trout Zoo or are away from home, please take appropriate and careful steps to ensure your pets stay safely and securely at home where they belong. You might even consider hiring a dog sitter for the evening; something I may do.